Lakeshore housing The Sphinxes

The five `sphinxes’ each contain fourteen apartments arranged so as to make the most of the location and the sun lighting. The blocks taper in plan towards the water, thereby maximizing unobstructed views of the lake both from the shore and from the sphinx apartments. As one moves up the building, each floor contains one less apartment. The result is a sphinx-like profile, with the sun-oriented roof terraces situated on the slanting `back’ of the mythical beast. The design of the penthouse apartments is different for each block, giving rise to a rhythm of distinctive heads, a striking skyline seen from the shore approach of the Stichtse bridge linking the new polders and the old mainland.

The sphinxes stand in a fringe of reeds that serves both as a gentle transition with the shore and a hydrophytic filter for water treatment. Concrete landing stages cut through the reeds to provide pedestrian access the sphinxes. Next to them lie the sunken entrances to the underwater garages that double as a foundation tanks. The fa├žades are clad with silvercoloured metal sheets. The public space has been designed as an integral part of the scheme. At five points along its length, the esplanade turns into a look-out bastion, a surf beach, a village square, a wind balcony and a fishing jetty.

Project data


Gooimeerpromenade, Huizen, The Netherlands


89 apartments on the dike 65 apartements in 5 buildings in the water

Year Of Completion



Architectural Design
Neutelings Riedijk Architects
Architectural Engineering
Bureau Bouwkunde
Bouwfonds Wonen
Main Contractor
Ingenieursgroep van Rossum (phase 1), Bierhaus Konstrukteurs (phase 2)
Jeroen Musch