EU Prize for Public Space – selected

Gare Maritime was selected for the European Prize for Public Space.

‘The monumental Gare Maritime has been transformed into a new district of the city, “a city where it never rains”. The reclamation of large buildings that have fallen into disuse has become an opportunity to rethink the nature of public space. What was once the largest freight station in Europe is now a pleasant public space with areas for events of all sizes, surrounded by businesses and an inviting food market. By offering plenty of public space and a network of streets, squares and gardens interwoven into the existing urban surroundings, the Gare Maritime improves the quality of life in this part of the city. Since its opening in November 2021, many public events – concerts, sports activities and exhibitions – have already been held, and many people visit to have a bite to eat or meet up for a drink. The project has had a huge economic and social impact and has turned a once empty site into one of the most active places in the city.’

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