Best Building of the Year 2014

Culture House Rozet designed by Neutelings Riedijk Architects won the prestigious Best Building of the Year 2014 prize organised by the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects. The panel of judges led by Paul Schnabel nominated 7 buildings out of 250 entries of which Rozet was the final prizewinner.

The organisers’ ambition with the prize is to emphasise good architecture as being more than only beautiful. The Best Building of the Year needs to excel and, regardless of shape, budget or location, be of added value to the client and society. The prize is experienced by peers as a stamp of quality.

Culture House Rozet combines various cultural and educational institutions in Arnhem. The mixture of Library, Heritage Centre, Art Centre and Community College gives rise to one of the most important public buildings in the city. The building was completed in September 2013 and officially opened in December by the former Dutch Queen, Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands. The citizens of Arnhem have embraced the building; in the first six months more than 300.000 visitors found their way to Rozet. During the annual Dutch Public Libraries Convention the building was chosen Best Dutch Library of 2013.

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